Welcome to Country and opening session

8:30 am - 10:35 am | Plenary

The opening session includes Welcome to Country, an introduction from Supply Nation's CEO, Laura Berry, and opening keynote address by Professor Anita Heiss, all hosted by our MC, Mundanara Bayles.

Opening keynote address: The Art and Benefits of Connectivity

We each have a story that has led us to this conference; a desire to change the world, a need to be the first in our family to achieve a certain goal, a personal wish for financial security for self and community, the dream of running our own company.

In this keynote, Professor Heiss will draw on her own story as a sole-trader, internationally published author and creative disruptor, demonstrating how embracing her Wiradjuri values ensures she remains relevant in the ever-changing publishing landscape. And how, by focusing on connecting with her readers, and being proactive in the broader writing community, she guarantees her own sustainability.

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