Connect 2021 Tradeshow Manual

Below is important information to help you prepare for the Connect 2021 Tradeshow including access times, booth inclusions and key dates.

Please ensure you read over the information carefully.

1. Exhibitor Checklist
2. Key dates and times
3. Venue and location
4. Booth information
5. Access, deliveries, bump in and out
6. Exhibitor profile on Connect 2021 event app
7. Forms and guidelines
8. Key contacts
9. Emergency procedures

If you have any questions, please contact

1. Exhibitor checklist and responsibilities

Your Connect 2021 Tradeshow to-do list:

☐   Ensure all your business information is update asap in Humanitix registration site (ABN number, company description, company name for signage etc)  
☐   Send insurance certificates to 
☐   Send logo + any additional Connect 2021 app info for your exhibitor profile to 
☐   Log into the Connect 2021 app and update your individual profile 
☐   Purchase additional staff tickets if necessary  
☐   Purchase any booth upgrades or additional items via ExpoNet or other suppliers of your choice 
☐   Organise freight forwarding/deliveries via agility if necessary Print extra business cards/flyers 
☐   Consider giveaway items (branded merch) 
☐   Consider additional signage (i.e. decals, banners, brochures). If you choose to put your registered or certified logo, please ensure it is the current version. 
☐   If serving food/beverages, complete sampling form and send your TFP number to 
☐   Consider boosting your tradeshow exposure by purchasing an ad in the program 
☐   Update all tickets asap with individual guest details on Humanitix to ensure they can access the app and their individual tickets 

Exhibitor responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure all correct information is supplied including but not limited to:

•   Exhibitor name
•   Company spelling for fascia signage (this must match your Australian Business Register (ABN) entity name and/or your Australian Business Register Trading or Business Name that is registered on your Indigenous Business Direct profile)
•   Supply Nation is not accountable for any errors or omissions. The event organisers reserve the right to ask you to remove any display items deemed as unacceptable
•   The exhibitor must conduct business only from within the confines of their booth and may not tout, or place any material outside the booth causing obstruction of the aisles
•   The exhibitor will be responsible for any reasonable costs of repairing the booth or premises should any fixtures or fabric be painted, marked or damaged
•   The exhibitor is solely responsible for any physical loss or damage to their property
•   Only one company (individual ABN) per booth is permitted
•   Registration for an exhibition booth permits entry for one staff member. Registration for additional staff to help at your booth can be arranged via the registration site for a fee of $55 per additional team member.
•   Names, contact details and dietary requirements of any staff members must be provided via the ticket registration site and can be updated up until booth sales close.

2. Key dates and times

Add the following key dates and times to your diary 
Date and Time Action
Monday 19 April 2021
(close of business)
Must have emailed insurance (PI / PL and workers compensation) details to
Friday 23 April 2021
(close of business)
Must have completed registration form and additional items for hire form (if applicable) available through the ExpoNet Online Exhibitor Kit
Monday 3 May 2021
(close of business)
Must have emailed details for the event app through to
Tuesday 25 May 2021 (time to be advised) Move in / set up your booth (bump in)
Wednesday 26 May 2021 7am: Tradeshow exhibitor access
8:30am – 3:30pm: Tradeshow open to attendees / visitors
3:30pm – 4:30pm Move out / pack down (bump out)

3. Venue and location


International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney
Halls 1 + 2 (Access via Hall 2 on Level 1)
14 Darling Drive, Sydney NSW 2000


Tuesday 25 May 2021
Paid parking is available at the International Convention Centre, Sydney.  

A discounted parking rate will be available during exhibition move in on Tuesday 25 May 2020 only. In order to receive this discounted rate, please present your parking pass and exhibitor credentials to ICC Sydney staff at the Exhibitor Services Centre, located on Level 2 of the Exhibition Centre. 

Wednesday 26 May 2021
Please note that this discounted rate does not apply for the Tradeshow Day on Wednesday 26 May 2021. 

ICC Sydney has two car park facilities located within the Exhibition Centre and First State Super Theatre, comprising a total of 826 car spaces. Additionally, there are secure car parks located in and around Darling Harbour, including Wilson Harbourside Car Park and Wilson Darling Square Car Park.

4. Booth information

Booth layout and sizes

Some single, double, triple and quadruple booths will have two side walls if in-line or one side wall only if positioned on a corner. Quadruple booths are available as in-line (3m x 12m) or as a square (6m x 6m). Please ensure all requests are in your 

View booth images and sizes

Booth inclusions

☑  Aluminium frame display booth with white melamine infill panels
☑  Mounted lighting and fascia signage
☑  1 x 240V/4 amp general purpose outlet
☑  1 x standard trestle table with black tablecloth
☑  2 x standard chairs (if required)
Please note: booths do not include any flooring

Booth upgrades 

A wide selection of additions is available, including flooring, AV equipment, furniture, signage, plants and lighting. ExpoNet have created Easy Upgrade Packages for Connect 2021 ranging in price from $200 – $3500. These may be arranged and paid for directly through ExpoNet.

Note:  there is no obligation to go through ExpoNet – you may use any of the suppliers on our directory, or your own provider if you wish to customise your booth.

One of the team from ExpoNet will be in contact with you once you have registered, to provide you with a login to the Supply Nation Connect 2021 online Exhibitor portal.

Within the portal you will have:
☑  access to complete your booth forms
☑  the ability to browse the range of products available
☑  the option to order any additional products and services offered.

To assist with planning, we ask that requirements are received by 5pm Wednesday 28 April 2021.

Please note: If you notify ExpoNet of additional requirements after this deadline, your request may incur late fees.

No additional requirements will be accepted after 5pm, Tuesday 11 May 2021.

Floor plan

The Event Managers will allocate booths.  Final placement is non-negotiable – however, if you have any specific requests, please email as soon as you book your booth and if possible, your request will be considered at the sole discretion of the event manager.  

Booth allocations and floor plans will be released to booth holders prior to the event via email or through the event app. 

Any changes to booth allocations and/or floor plan made for any reason will be circulated to all exhibitors as soon as possible. 

Please note: Exhibitors are under no obligation to hire any additional furniture, signage etc.  You may bring your own equipment/decoration/signage or source it through your own preferred supplier.  


Exponet is your main point of contact for booth-related enquiries, and is well equipped to assist with any additional furniture requirements, custom booth builds, in-booth signage and technical requirements.  

What does ExpoNet NOT do? 
ExpoNet does not manage booth allocations or the floor plan. For any queries in relation to these, please contact Supply Nation. 

Furniture and equipment hire

Exhibitors are free to furnish their booth with any furniture they bring in during bump in. Alternatively, additional furniture or fixtures may be hired from ExpoNet with payments made directly to them.  This can be organised via ExpoNet’s Online Exhibitor Kit (as detailed below).

You can also look on the Connect event website for a list of Indigenous businesses that are keen to support exhibitors. Stay tuned for more information or in the meantime, search Supply Nations’ Indigenous Business Directory for a full list of suppliers and services that may be suitable:

Custom stands

ExpoNet can also build a complete custom stand or display for your booth to help your organisation stand out from the crowd.  

If you are interested in your own custom stand design, ExpoNet can assist with simple and effective stand packages, custom stand packages or help to deliver your unique vision by producing a stand tailored to your specific event requirements.  

Contact Exponet sales team on 02 9645 7000 or email

Online Exhibitor Kit (OEK)

ExpoNet has developed an Online Exhibitors Kit (OEK) to order anything you require for the event.  ExpoNet Exhibitor Services Department will forward the link, username and password for the OEK soon after you receive this manual. Please use the OEK to complete the forms for anything you require for your stand, including fascia and signage, lighting and power, stand modifications, shelving, slatwall, furniture and audio visual. 

1. You will receive an email with your login details from ExpoNet following your registration 

2. Login to the ExpoNet OEK portal (you will receive details for this shortly) and complete all forms. This includes: 

•    Registration form – must be completed by Wednesday 28 April 2021. 

•   Additional items for hire forms – (signage, lighting and power, furniture, AV) . Please note: this must only be completed if you are hiring any additional items through ExpoNet. This form must be completed by 5pm, Wednesday 28 April 2021. 

3. Prior to the tradeshow, you will receive an Exhibitor Pack from ExpoNet including all necessary information required to bump in and bump out your tradeshow booth, including details of any additional items (if you have chosen to hire them through ExpoNet). 

If you have any questions regarding your booth or the OEK please visit or contact them directly on 02 9645 7070 or


All signage and/or other apparatus to be hung directly from the building structure is subject to approval and must be completed by the approved on-site rigger and may attract additional fees. Please provide information to Supply Nation ( to the event if you require rigging.  Please allow up to 3 weeks for ICC to approve your rigging request. 

Large display items

If you plan to display large items such as a car or machinery, approval will be required (and additional cost may be incurred). Please provide information to Supply Nation ( Once approved, further information on displaying these items will be provided. 


If you wish to provide or prepare food samples, the items to be sampled must be directly related to your core business and they must comply with the NSW Food Authority Guidelines. Bite size food less than 50g and non-alcoholic beverages less than 100ml can be served once the permit form has been completed and approved by ICC without an associated charge.  

Please note: if you plan to conduct any form of sampling food and/or beverage at your stand, you must complete the Food and Beverage sampling permit form ( and email it to  

Important information about alcohol sampling:
Sample sizes are:  
☑  liquor or spirits (20 ml or less)  
☑  wine and beer (50ml or less) 

All persons serving alcohol samples must hold a current NSW competency card, a copy of which must be supplied to the event organiser and ICC prior to tenancy. Mandatory Liquor and Gaming NSW signage must be clearly displayed on each stand serving alcohol. 

Other exhibitor sampling information
ICC must approve any application for food samples above 50g and beverages larger than 100ml. Once approved, the following applies:  

Sample item Sampling fee
Food sampling larger than 50g bite size 2021 Prices TBA
(2020 prices provided for your reference: $340.00 charge per exhibitor booth per day)
Hot beverages sampling larger than 4oz up to 8 oz 2021 Prices TBA
(2020 prices provided for your reference: $340.00 charge per exhibitor booth per day)
Bottled or canned non-alcoholic beverages (more than 100ml) sampling by exhibitors for onsite consumption 2021 Prices TBA
(2020 prices provided for your reference: $340.00 charge per exhibitor booth per day)
Food/beverage items sold for immediate consumption 2021 Prices TBA
(2020 prices provided for your reference: $660.00 charge per exhibitor booth per day)
Sample or sell non-food/beverage related items No fee required

Limited storage is available. Exhibitors are advised to ensure all cartons, boxes and wrapping materials are removed from your stand once unpacked and placed in the designated skip bins prior to the opening of the Exhibition. The venue and event organisers are not responsible for the storage of boxes and display material. Please ensure that all items are clearly labelled.

Internet access

Complimentary Wi-Fi Internet with up to 1GB of download is available for all exhibitors and delegates. After this fees will apply.  If you require a hard-line internet connection to your stand, please email and they will assist you in arranging this directly with ICC Sydney.


Sound amplification for videos or noise from demonstrations may be permitted where the level of sound causes no annoyance to neighbouring exhibitors. Approval from the event organisers must be granted. Please include details of any amplification or loud noise in your registration and the event organisers will contact you prior to the event.

5. Access times, deliveries, bump in and bump out

Key dates and access times 
Date and Time Action
Tuesday 25 May 2021 (9:00am – 5.00pm) Pre-delivered items accepted by ICC
Tuesday 25 May 2021
(time to be advised)
Booth access for set up (bump in)
Tuesday 25 May 2021
(by 11:00pm)
Booth set up complete by exhibitor
Wednesday 26 May 2021 7am: Tradeshow exhibitor access
8:30am – 3:30pm: Tradeshow open to attendees / visitors
3:30pm – 4:30pm Move out / pack down (bump out)


Preparation and access

Booth set-up must be completed by 11:00pm on Tuesday 25 May 2021.

Please allow adequate time to set up your booth and factor-in access times. Set up cannot take place on the morning of the Tradeshow. If you have issues regarding bump-in, please contact Fourth Wall or Supply Nation directly.

Please be aware:
•   Exhibitors are responsible for moving all of their own equipment
•   Exhibitors with smaller items may simply carry or trolley their items from the loading dock. Please bring your own trolley and high-vis vest. If you do not bring a high-vis vest, they are available for purchase at ICC  (you will need a high-vis vest to access the loading dock).
•   Closed in shoes and a high-vis vest must be worn at all times during bump in, bump out and when accessing the loading dock. This is essential – otherwise the venue will not allow you to access the room or loading dock.
•   A map with access points will be supplied in the Exhibitor Pack prior to the event
•   Plan to bring plenty of business cards to hand out
•   Assemble any promotional items and stationery items for your booth


Pre-delivered items will only be accepted on Tuesday 25 May 2021 between 9:00am and 5.00pm

Please ensure any items and boxes you are bringing into the venue are clearly labelled with the supplied delivery label, (available through the online kit – more information on page ) to ensure they can be returned to you in the unlikely event that they are misplaced.

Please ensure all goods and exhibits are insured appropriately and have the attached address label affixed to them.

Delivery details:

Supply Nation Connect 2021
Attention:  xxx insert your company name xxx
Exhibition Loading Dock – Hall 2
International Convention Centre Sydney
14 Darling Drive
Sydney NSW 2000

You can also engage Agility to deliver any items directly to your booth for bump in and return shipments (please see next section)

Freight forwarding and deliveries – Agility

The official freight forwarder for this event is Agility. They can organise delivery/shipping, store items at their warehouse if needed, and will deliver them to your booth in the tradeshow. They can also facilitate return deliveries at the end of the tradeshow.

Please access the Event Services Portal if you’d like to book in.

Any courier items or deliveries to ICC should be booked through Agility. As the show bumps in on a Wednesday night and deliveries will not be accepted at the ICC prior to exhibitor bump in, we highly recommend using Agility as their service is door-to-stand and they work weekends and outside normal business hours.

Should you have any issues please contact:

Katharine Barraclough, Domestic Event Logistics Specialist
Agility Fairs & Events
03 9330 9015 or

If you wish to book a delivery through another service, please send us the details so Agility can track it/can help you find it on the day.


Exhibitors must bring their own trolley if required. No trolleys will be available to use at the venue.

Packdown and removal of goods

All exhibitor display items and packaging material must be removed from the venue upon conclusion of the event (by 4:30pm on Wednesday 26 May 2021).  Any items that are left behind will be disposed of by the venue.


ICC Sydney is a non-smoking venue. Smoking is permitted outside in designated areas only.

6. Exhibitor profile on Connect 2021 event app

Exhibitor profile

Your exhibitor profile will be added into the app using the email address you used to register for your tickets.

Your exhibitor profile will be automatically filled in according to the information you entered during registration (subject to approval by Supply Nation)

If you wish to change any details, please email

Please email any information to be used on your profile to If you do not email this through by Monday 3 May 2021, your logo will be taken from your website.

Your app profile will contain the following information (as per your registration):

•   Company name (must be your trading name/what is listed on Indigenous Business Direct)
•   Company subtitle/ short description. e.g. “Graphic Design” (no more than 25 characters)
•   Company logo (as a hi-res .png or .jpeg image, ideally 720 x 405 px with a solid colour background [transparent backgrounds will default to white or black])
•   Company bio/description – 100 words or less (can include what your company does, company history, why you are excited to be part of Connect 2021, what you’ll be showcasing at the Tradeshow etc.)
•   Phone number
•   Email
•   Website
•   Address
•   Facebook page, Instagram hashtag, Twitter handle, LinkedIn page
•   Any links or documents you’d like included (these must be emailed to

7. Forms and guidelines

Testing and tagging of electrical equipment

The official electrical contractor provided by the venue in conjunction with ExpoNet must carry out all electrical supply and connection work.  There is one power outlet provided for each booth. Should you require additional power outlets, these can be arranged through ExpoNet (for an additional fee).

•   The WHS Regulation 2011 requires that all plug-type electrical equipment is inspected, tested and tagged as per Australian Standard AS 3760 – (In service Safety Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment). Exhibitors MUST ensure that all leads and portable electrical equipment used at ICC Sydney have a tag with current date. If your equipment needs to be tested and tagged on site, there will be an additional charge incurred which will be passed on to you as Booth Holder. Please note that new electrical equipment may require tagging and testing.

•   Any electrical equipment that is unsafe will be disconnected and removed from service, and not put back into service until it has been appropriately inspected and tested and tagged by an electrical contractor.

•   Power cords which are detachable such as IEC leads, extension leads and power boards are separate items and need to be tested independently from the equipment with which they are supplied.


All exhibitors must provide a copy of their current Public Liability Insurance & Workers Compensation documentation to by 5.00pm, Monday 19 April 2021.

Exhibitors who have not provided this will not be granted access to the venue or event.

Exhibitors should also ensure that adequate insurance coverage is taken out against the loss, theft or damage of all products brought to the Exhibition. This includes during transportation to and from the event.

ICC Sydney and the Event Organisers will not accept responsibility for the safety or well-being of any display or product items delivered to the venue.

Workplace health and safety

In the interests of workplace health and safety it is important to recognise that during move in and move out, the exhibition is considered to be a construction zone and care must be taken at all times. We request that you adhere to the following basic safety requirements:

•   All persons must wear covered footwear, i.e. no thongs, sandals or open-toed shoes
•   Corridors/aisle ways must be kept clear. Exhibitors are not permitted to place product/merchandise in the aisles and walkways
•   Please bring all appropriate personal protective equipment including hi-vis / fluoro vests.
•   Exercise care around moving equipment, etc
•   Only staff members that have a specific need should be on site during this time
•   All accidents, injuries and near misses must be reported to the Event Manager on duty
•   All persons working at the event must have the current, appropriate licenses for the work they perform
•   No children under the age of fifteen (15) years are permitted entry during the bump-in and bump-out times.
•   No person is to work while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
•   No dangerous goods or hazardous substances are to be brought onto the premises without written approval from the organisers, with the exception of therapeutic goods and cosmetics
•   Without exception, all contractors and exhibitors working on the event must meet the above requirements

Damage policy 

Signs, banners, balloons and similar materials may not be nailed, stapled, taped or attached to venue ceilings, walls, and other painted surfaces.

Exhibitors will be charged for any damage caused resulting from their installation.

Canvassing policy

Exhibitors may not canvass or distribute promotional material other than from within the exhibition room.


Exhibitors wishing to conduct competitions or lotteries can do so only if appropriate licenses and approvals are gained from the relevant State Authorities, and permission granted by Supply Nation.

8. Key contacts


Exponet is your main point of contact for booth-related enquiries, and is well equipped to assist with any additional furniture requirements, custom booth builds, in-booth signage and technical requirements.  

If you have any questions regarding your booth or the OEK please visit or contact:
Phone:   02 9645 7070 


The official freight forwarder for this event is Agility. Should you have any issues please contact Katharine Barraclough, Domestic Event Logistics Specialist:
Phone:   03 9330 9015

Supply Nation

For information about Supply Nation Connect 2021, please contact:
Phone:   1300 055 298

9. Emergency procedure

ICC Sydney has an emergency response plan in the event of medical, weather, fire and smoke and other exigencies. It is updated regularly and drills are conducted annually. A trained emergency response team will lead the implementation of all procedures. Event organisers are briefed on emergency procedures pre-event.

To report an emergency or incident, call +61 2 9215 7660.

In the event of an emergency, one of two alarms may sound:

Alert alarm – “Beep! Beep! Beep!”

This is a warning alarm to notify everyone of a possible emergency. If it sounds, please stand by for further instructions.

Evacuation alarm – “Whoop! Whoop!”

This alarm means all occupants must evacuate. When it sounds, wardens will direct everyone to leave via the nearest exits quickly but calmly and assemble at the nearest evacuation point where they are to remain until ICC Sydney staff advise that it is safe to return.

View/download the ICC Emergency Evacuation Map